Let us Shape Up India

India is on a verge of change. This change presents India with an opportunity to transform into one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

Starting with an uncertain future after independence, and in spite of all the odds, India has made good progress and the world today looks towards India with recognition, respect and an emerging super power.

India could have done a lot better. We under performed in educating our masses, we failed to build the needed infrastructure that industry, villages and cities require. In agriculture our much talked about green revolution, adopted on western principles led to large scale depletion of ground water and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have severely affected the health of soil and of the farmers. Needless to say we have lost our own tolerant varieties of seeds that were adapted to less water and Indian climate.

Over the years we have also embraced an ignorant attitude. Our ignorance and moral degradation has incubated corruption and the result is a system that is inefficient, wasteful and counterproductive.

How we elect our political leaders is another example of our ignorance. Time and again some of our political leaders have proved that we were wrong in electing them. We have fallen prey to their caste, religion and region based politics and today we are vote banks rather than sovereign voters.

At this crossroad of time, we have to decide the future we can give to our country and coming generations. Our demographics present an opportunity that no other country enjoys.

Our actions today will shape up things to come. It's time we Shape Up India and we do it for good.